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Our Story

Clinical Trials in Color Foundation is about keeping promises. In 2018, I traveled the country recruiting participants for a diversity study treating Type 2 diabetes. Despite the sordid history of racism and medical experimentation in the Black community and mistrust of the government and healthcare industry, there was great interest in learning more about clinical trials. Requests poured in for me to come back and speak to schools, churches, and civic organizations, and I promised to return. Sadly, the study ended early as did all community engagement. Disappointed but not undeterred, I set out to create an organization aimed at serving communities of color interested in clinical trials participation while also making other relevant, health-related community investments. The following year, I founded our nonprofit, Clinical Trials in Color Foundation.

-Brandy Starks, Founder + CEO

Our mission is to increase BIPOC participation in clinical trials through our social networking, advocacy, and educational programs.

Our vision is to bridge empowered communities of color with the clinical trials industry to improve minority health outcomes.

Why You Should Join

We have a diversity problem in clinical trials that primarily stems from mistrust of government and pharma. Clinical Trials in Color Foundation is a social networking site aimed at increasing diversity in clinical trials through informative discussion, shared experiences, e-learning, curated trial offerings, and 1:1 clinical trial participant support. As conditions like hypertension and diabetes continue to disproportionately affect communities of color, we must ensure potential treatments are thoroughly evaluated and tested in all intended populations before going to market.

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